diary of a semi-detached woman

So, I have decided to start a diary. And this is it. Some may ask why I didn’t just choose to pen my thoughts in a personal journal…but there’s something liberating about flinging them out to cyberspace; airing them in public. It makes them more real, more actual, more…spoken.

There is then, of course, the question of why I feel the need to diarise my life at this current time. Well, after thirteen years of marriage (unlucky for some, it seems) and with three kids, I find myself separated from my husband and moving out to a small two-up/two-down in Oxford. Don’t get me wrong, it was my decision and it’s officially a ‘trial separation’, but it doesn’t make it much easier. Especially when you are (mostly) sleeping on a futon in the lounge and wake up with your head on the floor and your hair wrapped around your iPhone lead. It’s all a learning curve.

That’s what I keep telling myself.

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