I’ve taken up yoga in recent months; a friend of mine has commented that I have been channelling my ‘inner hippy’ and she’s absolutely right.

I’ve always had slightly Buddhist leanings and truly believe in the balance and force of the Earth in itself. I also believe in essential oils and flower blends and the power of nature. To avoid raised eyebrows or, perhaps, to conform to what I’m ‘supposed’ to live like, I’ve always quashed these feelings, but in recent months I have felt to need to embrace them and have finally taken up yoga, albeit a DIY version.

I can’t afford to go to yoga classes — time or money. However, I do have a great app which I absolutely love and find myself waking up at 6am each morning, keen to get in 20 minutes of yoga (and more recently trying to learn meditation too) before the kids wake up or before the day has to start. Not only am I feeling more flexible and in tune with my body, but I feel calmer and more ready to take on the day. I am instructed to take that lovely after-yoga feeling with you into the rest of your day and I do.

Well, mostly. Obviously, there are mornings when the kids won’t get ready on time and we lose a shoe and forget to take the ballet/music/sports page into school and then the traffic is worse because we’ve left late and I arrive at work fists clenched and brow furrowed. At times like these, that ‘lovely yoga feeling’ has been well and truly flattened by the wheels of reality but, on the whole, I do take it into my day and try to close my eyes and remember it when I get stressed or anxious. Even on the bad days, I can usually scrape it off the road and re-mould it into some sort of respite for the afternoon.

Anyway, I can see it is making a positive difference and I hope that meditation will too. I’m not keen on mindfulness practice, but am finding that yoga mediation allows me to shut off the world and just be.

Even if it’s just for 5 minutes.

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